Heavy Duty Snow Lifting Tarpaulin 900GSM Snow Tarps

PVC tarpaulin is a high strength polyester canvas as the base cloth, coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with growth agent (synthetic plant ester), anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, through high temperature plasticization. Waterproof, mildew resistant, cold resistant, aging resistant, anti-static and other properties; And the breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than traditional tarpaulin. Its wide range of use, the use of strength, color diversity, the surface of the special treatment to play the role of anti-skid, is an international popular waterproof fabric, and the width is very large, up to 2 meters wide, the use of available thermal joint splicing, without sewing pinhole leakage worry, is the mainstream products in the modern tarpaulin market.



Product Description

Construction Snow Tarps are designed to lift and remove freshly fallen snow from construction jobsites. Snow Tarps are manufactured using durable 18 oz. PVC coated vinyl fabric which is highly tear & rip resistant. Each tarp is extra stitched and reinforced with cross-cross strap webbing for lifting support. Point Snow Tarps are made using heavy duty 10,000 lb. break strength webbing with (8) super strong wire treatment webbing in each corner and one each side. 4 Point Snow Tarps are made using 6,000 lb. break strength webbing with (4) loop straps in each corner for lifting support. The outer perimeter of all snow tarps are hemmed and double lock stitched for added durability.


Specific products Heavy Duty Snow Lifting Tarpaulin 900GSM Snow Tarps
Weight (Lbs) 42.00
Tarp Width 18 ft.
Tarp Length 18 ft.
Product Color Black/Red/Other
Lifting Points 8 Lifting Points with Loop Straps
Material 18 Oz PVC Coated Vinyl Fabric
Reinforced WebbingLoad Bearing 10,000 lb. Break Strength Webbing
Webbing Quantity 4
Can be customized according to requirements


。Designed to lift & remove freshly fallen snow on construction jobsites

。Quickly & efficiently clears snow fall vs. shoveling man hours

。Saves large amounts of time and labor hours

。Highly durable vinyl fabric is tear resistant

。Heavy duty webbing reinforcements provide durability

。Snow tarps are reusable, easy to deploy, easy fold and store away


。Winter construction jobsites

。Used to lift and remove freshly fallen snow on construction jobsites

。Used to cover jobsite materials & equipment

。Used to cover rebar during concrete pouring stages



。Manufactured for lifting freshly fallen snow only

。Never use a damaged, torn or ripped tarp

。Not designed for lifting construction debris, equipment, or other materials

。Criss-cross webbing must always face down when being used

。ever stand under a snow tarp that is in use

。Never lift a snow tarp over or near construction workers or pedestrians


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