Crystal Clear PVC Tarp Waterproof Printable Reflective Tarpaulin

lear Vinyl Tarps deliver the superior benefits of the heavy duty PVC material with the added advantage of a completely clear view. This premium quality waterproof fabric is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, grease, and mildew. The clear tarps perform exceptionally well in extreme weather from very hot to bone chilling cold. They are more than sturdy against wind, rain, or snow. These heavy duty tarps are most often used as porch and patio curtains, equipment tarps, and material covers where the viewing and transmission of light are important.





Dimensions Crystal Clear PVC Tarp Waterproof Printable Reflective Tarpaulin
Product Length 2 M
Product Width 3 M
Product Color Clear
Material PVC Vinyl
Thickness 20 MIL
Grommets 3/8”or 1/2”brass grommets
Grommet Spacing 2 FT
Flame Retardant Optional
Reinforcement 2”wide web-reinforced hem, double-stitched and sealed
Custom size tarp available



。Abrasion Resistant

。Oil Resistant

。Grease & Mildew Resistant

。High UV Resistance


。Great For Patio’s And Outdoor Enclosures



。Temporary enclosures for construction areas

。Building enclosure

。Industrial cover

。Green room enclosure

。Tent sidewalls

。Patio/porch enclosure



。When tension is applied, rest assured that the clear tarp can retain its original shape.



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